We believe that actual competition between brand occurs on local market of each petrol station. So far the only way to win fuel volumes is to understand these local markets and be proactive when struggle with competitors.

As far as you stop thinking retail brand competition and start to focus on particular site performance you would stop spending on unnecessary and expensive communications and focus on most powerful tools to manage fuel sales - pricing, promotions and fidelity.

Would you imaging that spending on campaigns is not the only way to attract customers? Would you believe that fuel promotion could be more effective than expensive campaign on mass media? Let the marketing to shut up with their willing to spend big budgets. Let the finance control to shut up with their belief that fuel promotions are always bring losses. Fuel promotion is quite different from discount on fuel. It became powerful tool to attract customers with highly predictable financial results as far as you know how to use them.

Any city or highway market can be dramatically changed in favor to your fuel retail brand in six months time with four steps: study potential of your sites on micro markets they are located, start local pricing to improve price disbalanses, start fuel promotions to attract customers, start fidelity program to glue attracted customers consumption into your retail brand.

Six month. Any fuel market. No exception.

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